Private Money

Private Money Investments – 8.50% – 10% Yields!

Consumer Products

  • Bridge Loan
  • Temporary Financing
  • Second Chance Financing

Business Purpose Products

  • Commercial
  • Temporary Financing

Why McCormick & Company?

  • Local decision maker
  • Quick and easy close
  • No prepayment EVER!

What is Private Money?

Private money is money lent to an individual or company by a private individual or organization. Typically, underwriting guidelines are less stringent in regards to credit, debt to income ratios and other conventional restrictions. Interest rates are higher. Private money lending allows borrowers with less than perfect credit (recent foreclosures, short sale, or bankruptcy) to secure home financing. Once credit scores have improved, MCCORMICK & CO. refinances these higher rates to low, 30-year prime mortgage loan programs.

Borrowers can buy now, before home prices rise further. Private lending also helps with properties that need remodeling or repairs and cannot qualify for conventional financing until the property is to code and in good condition. Money is available to those who want to purchase property, remodel, and then sell immediately for profit.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Private Money Investor?

McCormick & Co. private money investors are local Sonoma County residents, business owners, professionals and retirees.

They invest their money locally into the community while earning an excellent return!

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MCCORMICK & CO. services its own loans. Investors can enjoy excellent returns ranging from 9-10.5%, compared to bank CD’s offering less than .5%